Within the context of this difficult time and following the increasing number of patients who turn to us with persistent problems after suffering from the lung disease of COVID-19, we decided to develop a comprehensive therapeutic lung program, suitable for both post-covid patients, so overall for people who feel any discomfort in the area of ​​the respiratory system.

Improper function of the respiratory muscles manifests itself not only in breathing difficulties, but can also affect pain in the chest, lumbar spine and generally affects the health of our body. And that’s why if you feel that your body “doesn’t work” the way you used to, you’re tired, you’re short of breath during normal daily and physical activities, you feel short of breath, you can’t take a deep breath in and out, or you feel generally tired, this is appropriate begin to actively solve the situation.

As part of this pulmonary program, you will learn from our physiotherapists how to properly care for the respiratory tract, get rid of cough and congestion, strengthen the respiratory muscles using available aids and simple breathing exercises.

In addition, we use a high-power therapeutic laser, to support common breathing exercises and techniques, which significantly speeds up the treatment thanks to its biostimulating effects and immediately relieves pain. It supports blood flow to the soft tissues at the application site, increasing blood oxygen saturation and reducing inflammation.

Another novelty is the inhalation of molecular hydrogen,which appears to be the most effective antioxidant ever, thus serving as protection against oxidative stress. In addition to the strong antioxidant effect, H2 has also been shown to have a significant ability to reduce the inflammatory reaction in the body.

We use a variety of breathing exercises to return to an optimal breathing pattern. One of them is diaphragmatic breathing, which helps both better lung function and can significantly relieve pain in the thoracic and lumbar spine.

Do not hesitate and try this exercise with our physiotherapist Radka.

You can also use breathing trainers or “homemade” aids that will increase the resistance during exhalation and thereby strengthen the respiratory muscles.

The therapy should also include training in correct body posture, training of the muscles of the upper and lower limbs and activation of the deep stabilizing trunk muscles, which enables a correct breathing pattern and relieves the often associated back pain.

If you would like to learn more about the COMPREHENSIVE LUNG THERAPY PROGRAM, please visit our website at the link below or contact us directly.

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