The examination can be completed individually and according to the recommendations of our physiotherapist, or you can use a unique set of tests and devices, thanks to which we will provide you with a comprehensive output and evaluation of your musculoskeletal system.

Do not hesitate to consult directly with the guarantor of the entire examination: Mgr. Jan Habara +420 721 382 403 / info@moblni-fyzioterapie.cz


Comprehensive diagnostics of the musculoskeletal system by a physiotherapist and special devices.




Clinical examination by a physiotherapist


Examination of the foot and body stability


Measurement of joint range and muscle shortening


Spine analysis and testing


Movement tests and manual examination


Inbody body composition, blood pressure, grip strength

Overall evaluation

Summary of key examination parameters for individual body segments. Evaluation of muscles, joints, spine, legs and stability.

Body segments

It contains an assessment of individual body segments based on the results and calculations of all tests performed by the physiotherapist and the devices.

Spine analysis

Results of spine analysis with the BackScan device, movement and manual tests. The score evaluates the shape of the spine, the functional interaction of the vertebrae in motion or under load in individual segments and areas.

Muscle examination

Using accurate instrument recording of the range of motion, in areas where there is a risk of muscle shortening, we evaluate the degree of muscle shortening and the associated imbalance of the musculoskeletal system.

Joint examination

We will evaluate the functional state of your joint apparatus with the help of instrumental and clinical examination.

Leg and body stability examination

By examining the foot on the sensory platform, we will show you the arch of your foot and the interaction of the muscle and joint apparatus in this segment. The examination is supplemented by a battery of stability tests, which the platform will evaluate, and together with clinical tests, we will evaluate the function of the postural muscles, the so-called “Core”, and the like.



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