Our original, historically first service and the beginning of Mobilní fyzioterapie s.r.o.

The first clients of home rehabilitation were Mgr. Jan Habara already in 2012, where he was inspired and had work experience in the provision of social services in a home environment.

The most common clients are senior citizens or people with disabilities, all of whom generally have trouble attending outpatient rehabilitation.

We are a registered healthcare facility in the Olomouc and Moravian-Silesian regions. In the districts of Olomouc and Prostějov, we provide rehabilitation reimbursed by the insurance company. At the beginning of 2023, we should extend the cooperation to include the Přerov district.

We try to provide rehabilitation in our own above-standard way, and that means at least the time allowance of one visit, which is standardly one hour. In general, our services work for direct payment by the patient. We have good experience with this, we can be helpful even where it is not satisfactory enough through the insurance company. Clients are often helped by family, foundations, etc. with financing.

For clients who cannot afford the payment, we have good news. From 2022, we also cooperate with insurance companies, we are gradually striving for contracts with all insurance companies. Now patients of insurance company 205 who have a voucher from a doctor for rehabilitation at home can contact us.