In cooperation with the Malaysian company Sanctband, we prepared a series of videos presenting the Easyflossing technique in relatively detail. In this article, we will give you the opportunity to look under the hood of this technique and show you its main benefits.

We have been using the Easyflossing technique for many years and we are convinced that it is definitely worth knowing this method and being able to use it in practice, whether you are an expert or an educated layman.

Although Easyflossing is relatively new, the principle of this technique has its roots in the 1990s. Its basis is the proven method of bandaging used mainly in manual lymphatic drainage. However, Easyflossing develops this method and expands its possibilities of use many times over. Mainly thanks to the use of a flexible compression tape made of 100% latex called Flossband.

Flossband is produced in 14 variants differing in their resistance, length and width, thanks to which it is possible to choose specific parameters and use the technique in various conditions and diagnoses.

In general, we can use easyflossing for:





You can find use both in sports training and in exercise rehabilitation.

For an optimal effect, the application of the flossband is always associated with movement, either in the form of manual contact by the therapist or active movement of the exerciser himself.


The first effect of the Easyflossing method consists in influencing the mechanoreceptors, when there is a rapid relief of pain based on the portal theory of pain. In a simplified way, we can bring this theory closer to a situation where, for example, you bang your elbow and immediately start rubbing this place with your other hand to drown out the pain. In the same way, the flossband acts on the affected area with its pressure and pull.

Furthermore, during the application, movement sensors controlling muscle tension are mobilized. These sensors, the muscle spindles, have their fascial cover, by influencing which we can precisely regulate the tension of the muscle. By mobilizing this cover, even if non-specifically, we can quickly and effectively improve neuro-muscular coordination, which will manifest itself as a relaxation of the tension of the given muscle or, on the contrary, a hypotonic muscle will be excited.

We can achieve a great effect thanks to the manual influence of individual tissue layers. These layers can contact each other to the extent that their mobility is significantly restricted. The advantage of flossband under pressure is the possibility of mobilizing these layers against each other, even at a greater depth. The individual layers of tissue move among themselves, and we observe this effect as an increase in the range of motion.

During application in the joint area, joint surfaces are slightly moved apart and swelling is better absorbed.

The last effect that we will imagine today is the so-called mushroom effect of tissues. During application, the treated tissue is choked, which feels like squeezing dirty water out of a sponge. After loosening the flossband, the tissues absorb fresh blood. Thanks to the exchange of fluid in the extracellular space, the growth and renewal of cells is accelerated.

The benefits of the flossband application certainly do not end with this list. If you are interested in our article, use the link below to go to the official website of this method, where you can get more information about Easyflossing, or you can sign up for an ongoing course.

We received financial support for the implementation of the project Verification of flossband methodology in veterinary medicine. CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/20_358/0023654 within the Operational Program Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Competitiveness, which is financially supported by the European Union.

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