Today we would like to introduce you to the Noah Board balance board, which we use a lot in our physiotherapy practice. The use of this device is really simple, so it is also very suitable for home training.

The Noah Board is a balance exercise aid that, with its design, helps to improve the function of the foot, which is key both for proper posture and for all movement in a vertical position. The position of the feet is responsible for the adjustment of the knees, hips and spine, therefore many health problems can arise precisely from their poor function.

The Noah board training aid is primarily designed to simplify balance training. It is created in such a way as to reduce the spatial and financial requirements for the balance aid and at the same time to make the effectiveness of the given training more efficient.

This balance plate consists of two fixed parts connected in such a way that each of them can move independently, but at the same time they do not separate from each other. This division corresponds to the anatomical conditions of the leg, which enables targeted exercise of each part of the leg separately and at the same time complex exercise. There are 3 removable wedges that increase the variability of the exercise, and thanks to which the difficulty can be adjusted according to specific needs.


Examples of using NOAH BOARD in therapy and prevention:

  • transversely and longitudinally flat legs
  • high foot arch
  • hallux valgus (bunch of the thumb)
  • pain in the leg joints
  • pain in the area of the Achilles tendon
  • muscle cramps
  • balance problems due to an unstable ankle
  • chronic spine, hip and knee pain

The effectiveness of this exercise tool has been verified by testing – click on the measurement report for more information.


Overall, the results show that exercise on the NoahBoard has a positive effect on the range of motion in the joints, postural control related to body posture and spine, and overall body stability in more demanding conditions. Positive results were found already after the first therapy, i.e. after a 20-minute exercise on the balance board, which points to the fact that the body is not a rigid object and it is possible to sufficiently influence it even once.

From the point of view of subjective evaluation, the probands perceived the exercises on the NoahBoard as beneficial and effective, they emphasized the simplicity of the exercises, the short execution time and the compactness of the board, which is easily portable and storable. The NoahBoard appears to be suitable both for people who are active in sports, as well as for people with musculoskeletal injuries or people with impaired stability for other reasons.


If you are interested in how to practice with the Noah Board, click on the link below. Here you will find a brochure that contains 10 basic exercises for mobilizing, activating and stabilizing the entire foot.


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Mgr. Karolína Ořechovská received financial support for the implementation of the project Verification of the effect of a new type of balance aid within the Operational Program Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Competitiveness, which is financially supported by the European Union. The project is implemented in cooperation with the company Mobilní fyzioterapie.